is Impossible
Without Seed

Expanding Seed & Seedling Supply to Scale Reforestation

With the projected loss of forestland due to wildfires intensified by climate change, the pace and scale of reforestation is crucial to retaining forests on the landscape. We face a critical time in which demand for reforestation has skyrocketed, natural regeneration is no longer guaranteed in certain regions, tree nurseries face a significant seed and seedling shortage, and the supply chain can’t seem to catch up.


Securing Greater Supplies of Seed & Seedlings

After expanding to bring on 130-year-old forestry seed supplier Silvaseed in 2021 and 45-year-old nursery, Cal Forest, in 2022, Mast expanded its capabilities to include increasing the supply and planting of seedlings.

We have activated a program to advance seed collection efforts, in which collectors track and gather cones from the best-growing trees in the area. We then process and store collected seed in our extractory, the largest in the western U.S.

What Makes Our Planting Process Successful?

The top reasons for seed mortality include predation, desiccation, and competing vegetation. Mast has developed proprietary seed vessels made out of dry fibers that absorb water, locking in the moisture needed for seeds to sprout and grow. The vessel includes seeds and a blend of fertilizers, nutrients, and natural pest deterrents—everything a seed needs to germinate and thrive after rainfall. Through these seed vessels, we have accelerated what would be a three-year growth process to just months.

Mast’s complete seed and seedling capabilities include:

  • Collection and processing of seed from the wild
  • Growth of millions of seedlings per year
  • Expansion of overall nursery production capacity

Mast is proud to be one of the largest seed suppliers in the nation. With the help of Silvaseed’s and and Cal Forest's robust infrastructure, Mast has become the first one-stop shop for all reforestation needs. Our seed and seedlings are available for bulk orders. Make sure to place your order early to get ahead of high demand.

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Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

In May 2022, Mast and Silvaseed partnered with nonprofit One Tree Planted to help get more trees in the ground across all of our projects. One Tree Planted pledged to fund the acquisition of up to 5 million tree seedlings for eligible projects. Contact the Mast Customer Solutions team at [email protected] to learn more and see if you qualify for free seedlings courtesy of One Tree Planted!