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Recover Faster From Wildfire

Wildfires are burning hotter, faster, and more frequently. As a result of climate change, we can no longer rely solely on natural regeneration to recover.

We can help.

By combining proven reforestation practices with new technology, we regrow healthy, resilient, climate-adapted forests. If you have land that has been affected by a wildfire, let’s talk.

If You Are a Landowner, Land Manager, or Forester:

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Aerial Seeding & Hand Planting

We combine aerial seeding and hand planting to increase the speed and scale of regeneration.

We seed by micrositing and dropping seed vessels with groups of 3-5 drones.
Seedlings are planted with traditional on-the-ground methods.

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Testing Drones For Faster Reforestation

Reforestation can begin in a matter of months instead of years, based on seasonality.

Advanced Mapping

Successful reforestation means getting the right seed to the right place at the right time. Our drones use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and aerial imagery suited for post-wildfire landscapes to identify the specific areas that need to be reseeded. We analyze soil quality, water runoff, and sun exposure to map out exactly what species should be seeded at each site and determine the best planting patterns so the seeds can thrive.


Deploy Seed Vessels

Our seed vessels serve to improve conditions around a seed for germination and establishment in harsh post-wildfire environments. The vessels are composed of specialized fiber to act as a germination substrate and may contain fertilizer and other amendments such as natural pest deterrents. The vessel aids in moisture retention to prevent the seed from drying out and to reduce loss of seed to predation and disease so the seed has the best opportunity for growth.

Vessels are dispensed by drones flying in pre-programmed patterns developed from the mapping assessment of the area. Individual aircraft are equipped with a tracking system to estimate where each vessel is dropped. This means clients receive precise location data for their projects and can use such data to monitor outcomes.

Financing Available Through Carbon Offsets

Mast can help finance reforestation projects through the revenue generated by the sale of carbon offsets.

Landowners may have the option to fund projects with significant returns through carbon offsets that are transparent, verified, and promote long-term forest health.

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A One-Stop Shop for Reforestation

High severity fires are scorching tree seeds in the soil and tops of trees. Together, these factors will reduce natural regeneration. Our greatest challenge: how do we supplement and support natural reforestation?

We understand the challenges faced with reforestation so we’ve built tools to help at each stage. With our in-house seed supply and nursery capacity, we can get on site to start the regeneration process within months, not years of a disturbance.

Our drones can cover challenging and dangerous terrain with only a four-person crew required to operate them. We supplement aerial seeding with hand-planting seedlings grown in our nurseries.

By having all reforestation services in-house including reforestation operations, seed, seedlings, and financing, Mast has become the first vertically integrated reforestation company— a one-stop shop for all reforestation needs.

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Who Do We Work With in Forestry?

Michael Taylor, Senior Nursery Specialist, Blackmore Co.
Anthony Davis, Dean, College of Life Sciences of Agriculture
Steve Grossnickle, PhD, NurseryToForest Solutions
The Nature Conservancy
Confederated Colville Tribes
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