Reforestation Funded
by Carbon Offsets

Forward looking carbon offsets provide funding
for reforestation projects

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Partnering with landowners to accelerate reforestation

In addition to funding reforestation, revenue from carbon offset sales has the potential to generate significant financial returns for landowners.

Landowners enjoy the rewards of offsets based on the carbon that will be captured as their trees grow over the next century. As soon as one year after planting, an accredited third-party forester confirms that the seedlings are healthy and growing the correct number of trees per acre. Then, the offsets are issued and sold by Mast on the landowner’s behalf, at which point the landowner receives payment.


Forward-looking offset methods use forest biometric equations to accurately estimate the tonnes of carbon sequestered over the projected lifespan of the forest.

For centuries, the science of forest measurement (i.e. biometrics) has been a trusted way to estimate forest growth and yield for timber harvest. The longer the regenerated forest grows and remains protected, the more carbon it sequesters and the more offsets are issued.


By partnering with Mast, EFM was able to complement its traditional hand planting of seedlings with drone application of pucks, which expanded the planting area and species diversification post-fire. In addition, we co-developed a reforestation carbon project, aided by buyer relationships that Mast introduced. These strategies are consistent with EFM’s climate-smart forest investment management practices that benefit forest resilience, carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and rural livelihoods, currently implemented across 140,000 acres in the Western US."

Bettina von Hagen, CEO,
EFM Investments & Advisory

Mast works with our partner landowners to ensure their management objectives guide the reforestation project, from the initial planning and planting to the issuance of carbon offsets.

With carbon as a financial mechanism, landowners can both restore and manage their forest for wildfire and climate resiliency. Reforesting will also provide many benefits to the local ecosystems, including promoting greater biodiversity, reducing soil erosion, and improving water quality.


If you own or manage land that has recently experienced a disturbance, we invite you to learn more about how to finance your reforestation needs with a carbon project.

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Invest in future forests with high-quality carbon removal offsets

Today, companies or individuals who want to mitigate their carbon footprint can purchase forward-looking carbon removal offsets. By investing in offsets, you can directly provide the funding needed to begin carbon-capturing reforestation projects in months, instead of years.

Mast works with third-party registries including the Climate Action Reserve to ensure that our carbon projects are additional, permanent and verified. Each of our projects is permanently protected by a perpetual conservation easement and receives funded monitoring by a nationally accredited land-trust for the life of the project—in most cases 100 or more years.


All our reforestation practices, including the long term monitoring, promote the longstanding resilience and permanence of the forests we restore. That’s how we ensure the offsets we generate are of the highest quality.

Our first carbon project with the Climate Action Reserve was to reforest burned forestland on the Henry Creek Site in Western Oregon.

Your investment in forestry offsets can provide a number of environmental, ecosystem, and social benefits ranging from sequestering carbon to promoting better soil and water health to creating economic opportunities.


Shopify believes in the potential of reforestation to help reverse climate change, but we are also well aware of the issues around transparency, additionality, and permanence relating to forest carbon credits. Mast is on a path to resolving these critical issues, which is why we're excited to support their scale-up journey."

Stacy Kauk, Shopify's Head of Sustainability

If your organization is looking to meet your net zero or sustainability goals, we welcome you to learn more about investing in reforestation projects through carbon removal offsets.

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