Accelerating the
Pace and Scale of

Grounded in a Mission To Restore Natural Habitats

In 2016, Mast was founded in Seattle, Washington, with the mission to make reforestation scalable to mitigate the effects of climate change and restore forested landscapes devastated by wildfire or other disturbances.

Today, we operate in all states west of Colorado. We’ve also done projects in Western Canada and taken our work internationally with trials in New Zealand and Australia. We are the first and only company with FAA approval to operate heavy-lift swarms of drones.

Expanding Reforestation Capabilities

To scale reforestation with the backdrop of a critically low nationwide seed supply, Mast acquired Silvaseed in 2021 and Cal Forest in 2022.

The acquisition of Silvaseed, a 130-year-old forestry seed bank and seedling nursery, along with Cal Forest, the supplier of the majority of seed and seedlings used for reforestation in California, makes Mast the largest seed supplier in the Western U.S.

Mast is the only vertically-integrated company to offer all reforestation services including seed collection, seedling cultivation, site preparation, seedling hand planting, aerial drone-based seeding, and ongoing site monitoring.

How Mast Can Help

drone-icon Reforestation

Maximize reforestation efforts with traditional planting of seedlings. Access hard-to-reach or dangerous terrain and jumpstart natural regeneration with aerial enhanced seeding with drones.

seed-icon Seed

We curate an ever growing supply of wild seeds from native tree species that will become resilient forests.

seedlings-icon Seedlings

Our nurseries are growing millions of seedlings. By 2023, we plan to more than double our nursery capacity to better serve the needs of our local communities.

carbon-offsets-icon Carbon Offsets

Revenue from carbon removal offsets offer landowners the opportunity to be compensated for the CO2 that the planted trees will sequester over time to cover high upfront costs of reforestation efforts.

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Reforestation Leadership

Lisa Gonzales-Kramer
Director Program Management, Reforestation
Matthew Aghai
VP of Biological Research and Development
Arnoud de Villegas
Senior Director of Business Development
Cassie Meigs
Senior Director of Client Solutions
Kea Woodruff
Senior Operations Manager
Grant Canary

Our Investors

Seven Seven Six,
Katelin Holloway,
Founding Partner
Alexis Ohanian Sr., Founder
Social Capital
Jay Zaveri, Partner
DBL Partners
Nancy Pfund, Founder
& Managing Partner
Tobi Lütke,
CEO of Shopify
Marc Benioff’s
TIME Ventures
Spero Ventures and Marc Tarpenning, Co-Founder of Tesla

Additional investors and syndicates include Gaingels with, HBS Lady Angels, Julia Lipton’s Awesome People Ventures, the Coalition angels including Ashley Mayer, Massive,, and Rob Ness Syndicate. For the series A ↗, four of nine angel list syndicates are LGBTQ+ or female-led.